Nilton Santos Stadium

Built for the Pan American Games in 2007, the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium was erected by the city in the ancient land of the Federal Railways, in Rua José dos Reis, in the engine from within, the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro neighborhood. Opened on June 30, 2007, with victory for Botafogo 2-1 over Fluminense, the stadium is considered the most modern in Latin America and the fifth most modern in the world.

Botafogo's dream of having their own stadium became reality in August 2007, when the club won the tender held by the city. The club then proceeded to send their games on site, and administer it and exploit it commercially. In 2009, the company hired Botafogo Pepira Ventures Ltda. to assist the club in the exploration stage. One of the first measures adopted by the company was changing the name to Rio Stadium.

Besides the football field with natural grass, the dimensions of 105 x 68m, the stadium has a running track, with nine rays in the standard pattern of the IAAF, two sectors for triple jump and distance one for the pole vault, the other for high jump and javelin a clue. There is also an annex camp for training and track athletics for internal heating. The Rio Stadium currently has a capacity of 46 000 people and there are plans to expand to 60 000 spectators aiming for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Quadrilateral formed by the streets Arquias Cordeiro, Dr. Padilha, das Oficinas and José dos Reis. The main entrance is on the street José dos Reis, No. 425.

Capacity and distribution of public:
Bleachers: 45,217 seats, with 21,549 in the upper ring - east and west - and 23,668 in the lower ring;
Tribunes, boxes and east central area: 1,364 seats;
Accommodation for wheelchair users: 250 seats;
Total places in Rio Stadium - 46,831 spectators:
booths Radio - 16
booths TV - 4
5 main levels, the first level for athletes and four levels and services to the public.

Accessibility for the disabled:
250 places for wheelchairs;
60 seats for the disabled in partial ambulatory;
PDF health of athletes and the public in all sectors;
lifts to all levels.

1,660 covered spaces
220 vacancies for officials and guests
10 places for bus
Access area for loading and unloading trucks
7 Outside Van brodcast Compound

Land area - 200 square meters
Total area of the stadium - 128 thousand square meters
Stadium: 72.267m2
Ramps / walkways and giant / administrative building - 32,128 m2
Lower and upper bleachers - 23,626 m2
Sub-total: 128,021 m2
Building-garage, porches and box office - 51 433 m2
Total floor area - 179 454 m2
Built outside Area: 154 108 m2
Commencement of Works - September 2003
Completion of the Works - June 2007
Volume of concrete - 84,200 m³
Amount of steel - 7,115 ton
Metal roof structure - 3,500 ton
Coverage area - suspended for four arches - 35,000 m² in Field dimensions - 105 x 68 meters
Lawn area of the track heating - 8,550 m² in Lawn area of the infield - 7,603 m² in Athletics track - Synthetic - 9 complete streaks Standard Standard IAAF - 8316 m² in Track external heating (with the same characteristics, dimensions and technical specifications of the inner race, as the IAAF Rule 140) - 6,972 m² in Projectors field and track - 396 pcs
Electronic scoreboards - 2 | Projection screen - 2 | Shopping area - 3,650 m² in Forecast of energy demand - 4,500 kva
Substations - 4 units
Group motor generators - 4 units -. 2 450 kva and 340 kva 2
60 toilets and 22 bars (public)
Lamppost outside the area - 93 pcs
Outdoor area luminaires - 356 pcs
Totems - 10 pcs

Central air conditioning - cabins, cabins Radio / TV and shops;
Uninterruptible power (UPS)
Power system
Access control and security
Signage and visual programming
Thermo-acoustic protection
Sound, video, audio and telecommunications
Capture rainwater for reuse.

Accesses and exits public:
Four porches of access:
NORTH - Rua das Oficinas
SOUTH - Rua Arquias Cordeiro
EAST - Rua Doutor Padilha
WEST - Rua José dos Reis
Estimated time of emptying - 10 minutes

Sports Modalities:
Athletics track - 9 rays
Football field of natural grass | Pole vault
Two sectors for triple jump and distance
High jump
Track dart

First Game
Date-Time: 30/06/2007 & ndash; 18:10 (GMT)
Location: Estádio Nilton Santos, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Competition: Brazilian Championship
Referee: Evandro Rogerio Roman (PR)
Assistants: Gilson Benedict Coutinho (PR) and José Amilson Pontarolo (PR)
Income and public: R $ 600,000.00 / paying 40,000 / 43,810
Yellow cards: Renato Silva, Luciano Almeida and Lucio Flavio (BOT); Arouca, Charlie and Carlos Alberto (FLU)
Red cards: Joílson 38 / Q2 (BOT) and Cicero 29 / Q2 (FLU)
Goals: Alex Dias 27 / Q1 (0-1) and Dodo 6 / Q2 (1-1) and 33 / Q2 (2-1)
BOTAFOGO: Julio Cesar, Joílson, Alex, Juninho and Luciano Almeida (Renato Silva); Leandro Guerreiro, Tulio (Diguinho), and Lucio Flavio Ricardinho (Andre Lima); Zé Roberto and Dodo - Technical: Cuca.
FLUMINENSE: Fernando Henrique, Carlinhos, Thiago Silva Júnior César and Roger; Romeo, Arouca (Cicero), Maurício and Carlos Alberto; Alex Dias (Rodrigo Tiuí) and Adriano Magrão (Somalia) - Technical: Renato Gaúcho.

Date-Time: 23/03/2008 - 16h (GMT)
Location: Estádio Nilton Santos, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Carioca Championship Red card: Wallace (MAC)
Goals: Wellington Paulista (4), Lucio Flavio, Fabio and Triguinho
BOTAFOGO: Castillo, Alessandro (Tulio Souza), Renato Silva, Ferrero (Andre Luis) and Triguinho; Túlio, Diguinho (Abedi), Lucio Flavio and Adriano Felicio; Fabio and Wellington Paulista - Coach: Cuca.
MACAÉ: Cassius, Octavius​​, André and Wallace; Mário César, Steve, Zada (Marley), Wallacer, Geraldo (Indio) and Bill (Dos Santos); Jones - Coach: Tita.

Top Public

1) Fluminense 1 x 2 Botafogo - 40,000 spectators (Brasileirão 2007)
2) Botafogo 2 × 1 Portuguese - 40,000 (Cup Brazil 2008)
3) Botafogo 1 x 0 River Plate - 39.500 (Copa Sudamericana-2007)
4) Botafogo 2 x 1 Palmeiras - 38.717 (Brasileirão-2009)
5) Botafogo 4 × 0 Ceará - 36,995 (Brasileirão-2011)
6) Botafogo 2 x 0 Nacional (URU) - 32,133 (Libertadores 2017)
7) Botafogo 3 x 1 Vasco - 35,321 (Taça Rio 2010)
8) Botafogo 2 x 1 Colo Colo - 34.424 (Libertadores 2017)
9) Botafogo 2 x 0 Nacional (PAR) - 33.981 (Copa Sudamericana 2018)
10) Botafogo 2 x 2 Avaí (Brasileirão-2009)